From Cross-Disciplinary Study to the Slums of India, Students’ Business Plan is Changing Lives

John DiConsiglio of the GW Columbian College of Arts & Sciences sits down with the cofounders of Asepsis to discuss their journey to where they are now and where they see themselves going. -Read more.

                                                 From Napkin to Prize winning business venture

In this article, Rival DC’s Josh Strupp shares his take on the GW New Venture Competition (formerly known as the GW Business Plan Competition) where Project Dharavi was able to secure a third place prize and the best international venture award. - Read more.


                                                GW Business Plan Competition Profile

This is Asepsis’ full profile for the GW Business Plan Competition; complete with all of the prizes and awards they received as well as the full final presentation. -Read more.

                                       Learning to Serve and Serving to Learn

In this article, Ruth Steinhardt writes about the Academic Service-Learning Symposium, where Asepsis founders Evan Young and Maz Obuz spoke on their outside partnership with the D-Prize and their plans going forward.  -Read more.

                                          Asepsis becomes d-prize grant recipient

D-Prize – a San-Francisco-based company that supports innovative approaches to distributing vital public health needs around the world – has awarded Asepsis with a $5,000 grant to support its efforts in bringing sanitation to where it is needed most.   -Read More