Asepsis wants to make it an explicit goal that the photographer is allowed full artistic and journalistic freedom in both of these tasks. Asepsis will in no way dictate the content of the winning photographer’s work or filter their opinions and perspective. The goal of this trip is transparency, accountability, and a powerful view into the sanitation crisis and what is being done about it.

As such, the photographer will be free to publish and use any material they gather from the trip, and will have all proprietary rights. The only requirement is that the photographer takes part in and accompanies the Asepsis team for the mutually agreed-upon itinerary for the trip and that they allow Asepsis to use their material for promotional, informational and branding purposes. None of the photographer’s material will be used for sale. This trip will be an amazing opportunity to launch the winning photographer’s career and allow them the chance to put their skill to work on one of the world’s foremost public health crisis. At the end of the trip, we will be one step closer to telling the story of the sanitation crisis for the world to hear, and thus, solve.